Weekly Schedule


Mirrabooka’s activities for high school boys includes a weekly afternoon activity after school as well as events and outdoor pursuits on various weekends and holidays throughout the year. Mirrabooka provides an environment in which participants can spend quality time with their friends in shared pursuits. All the activities for high school students are informative, in that they help participants develop their abilities (intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, and sporting).

Boys in Year 7 to Year 10 have specific days which they can attend Mirrabooka. The weekday activities start at 4:15pm and finish at 6:30pm. These days are overseen by a staff member of the centre assisted by volunteers.

Year 11, Year 12 and tertiary students can come to Mirrabooka any day to use the study facilities. Please contact Mirrabooka prior to arrival to ensure that the centre is open.

To complement the above program, a staff member frequently mentors the students individually during the study sessions. The focus of these mentoring sessions is to lead the young person to think for himself and to work on acquiring the balanced strengths that he will need in adult life. Through his rapport and friendship with the student, the staff member provides an effective service of personal example, guidance, and advice. He helps the student develop positive habits and qualities in areas of character development such as responsibility, thoughtfulness and good use of time. A young person who has received this support throughout the years of his schooling will draw great long term benefit: he will have grown in qualities of character, he will have learned to look more objectively at issues, to better reflect on his strengths and weaknesses, and to set and monitor his own goals.

In addition to the weekday activities, older high school boys are welcome to attend Saturday evening activities. The general plan for Saturday activities would be

6pm Meditation and Benediction

6:45pm: Dinner (Cost: $5)

7:30pm: Get-together

8:15pm: Finish

This is a flexible plan but if there’s any changes to the timetable, we let the boys and parents know. Please ensure that you are on our mailing list by sending us an email if you haven’t been getting recent emails from the centre. If your son does plan to come a particular week but is running late, please let staff at the centre know in case we have changed the activity or plans.

Before students attend activities of Mirrabooka, we require the parents to meet a staff member for a formal meeting. Parents will then need to complete the appropriate parental consent forms and medical information forms prior to the son attending activities.  Please contact Mirrabooka to obtain details of who is the relevant co-ordinator for your son’s respective year.