“Workcamps” are organised and run by Nairana and Mirrabooka Study Centres in conjunction with Reledev Australia Limited, a non-profit, voluntary and AusAID accredited NGO (

Workcamps have been held across the Pacific Rim, parts of Asia and at several Aboriginal communities within Australia. These volunteer service projects aim to contribute towards the immediate welfare and sustainable development of the various communities.

This initiative started in 1987 with the intention to serve people in need in developing countries and disadvantaged communities within Australia. Workcamps also aim to encourage the generosity and sense of solidarity of young Australians.

Workcamp participants meet their own accommodation and travel expenses in addition to contributing towards the project cost. Participants are also involved in seeking donations or sponsorship from companies and individuals to cover the remaining costs.


Why Workcamps?

Let’s look at some facts. On one hand, there is an increasing gap between the world’s rich and poor. We in Australia need only to look at our own doorstep to realise this. On the other hand, there are so many young, fit and energetic Australians who have aspirations of greatness to be fulfilled. Isn’t it ideal to combine a young man’s sense of adventure with one of the world’s most effective aid projects?

This is precisely what the workcamps aim to achieve. For over 17 years, hundreds of young men have given their time, money and energies to help those who are less privileged. In return, they have seen the world, travelled overseas and made lifelong friendships amongst those they worked with and for. It is an unforgettable experience they will cherish forever. This is really the heart of our philosophy. Ultimately, those that give themselves to such generous ideals with be the ones that benefit the most.

For more information about any upcoming workcamps, please contact Mirrabooka.

Donations and Sponsorship

Projects such as these are always dependent upon the generosity of sponsors. If you would like to assist the project financially, please contact us.

Any financial or material contribution to the project is greatly appreciated.

Further afield, study centres have over 20 years experience in organizing voluntary service projects or “Workcamps” to communities in Australia or abroad.

The aims of a workcamp are to:

  • Provide welfare or developmental assistance to a community in need;
  • Contribute to a team-based project;
  • Learn about a different cultural heritage.