Study Facilities

The provision of study facilities is part of the key role Mirrabooka plays to strengthen the character and virtues of the attendees.  The Centre works hard to maintain surroundings in which students can study quietly and effectively and students are asked to respect the rights of others by working quietly and leaving mobile phones turned off. 



Senior Study Room

The senior study room is available to senior high school students (Year 11 and 12) and university students and is located in the main building of the centre and is a hub of academic work, due to its quiet environment. The study room is open on most weekdays from 2pm and closes at 9pm, and is open on most weekends.

The room is designed to accommodate a capacity of 22 students, with individual study desks with privacy screens and internet access. Users are required to observe complete silence to help themselves and others to concentrate.

Junior Study Room

The junior study room is designed to accommodate a capacity of 26 students and is open to boys in Year 7 to 10 on their designated day. Boys are encouraged whilst in that study room to work quietly and conscientiously on their individual work.